Make the life you've always dreamed of.

Tock streamlines your growth


Productivity can be hard in today's age and society. Tock superpowers your productivity with a multitude of tools to make your routines aerodynamic.

Tock keeps you accountable by allowing you to easily keep track of your tasks, calculate your habits, and follow your goals, effectively centralizing a headquarters for your development and removing the burden of organization.


Tock makes growth easy. Users can keep track, get reminders, and zero in on the character traits they want to work to develop, propelling them towards the person they want to become.

With Tock, reaching goals is not a struggle, but a more efficient system of personal growth. Tock values you as a person, creating an environment for you to grow to your best self.


How you work can determine how you grow. Tock helps you reach heights you've always dreamed of, supplying progressive timers that help you take small steps in great work you're making and audio environments to fine tune your environment to whichever personalizes best to your productivity.

Tock builds your life the way you want it to.

The app for the ambitious, the broken, the builders